RAG ISSUE Maria Nicopulos January 22, 2024   Introduction Rags, i.e. cleaning cloths contaminated with hazardous substances are produced almost in every works, workshop or factory as a result of cleaning or degreasing surfaces with solvents, removers or oily substances. Hazardous waste is generated, depending on the applied chemical agent. This hazardous waste should be […]

Transport of dangerous goods in the Polish Armed Forces

For the fourth time, the Movement and Transportation Division – National Movement Co-ordination Centre invited me to a conference on the Dangerous Goods Transport Safety in the Polish Armed Forces. The meeting took place in Pisz on 19-21 September 2023 and the main topic of the 9th Conference was the safety status and the implementation […]


Hazardous materials are transported every day in our environment. These materials are used in every field of the economy, mainly in the chemical industry, but also in agriculture, mining, transport and construction. We also commonly use them in everyday life. The groups of hazardous materials include cosmetics, perfumes, various types of aerosols, cleaning and disinfecting […]

Principles of medical waste transport – theory and practice

At the beginning of 2023, the issue of medical waste transport in Poland began to arouse great controversy, especially among employees of health care facilities. This is related, among others, to the end of the 4-year transition period on 31.12.2022 for the implementation of the requirements of of the ADR concerning the obligation to […]

Amendments to ADR 2023

On 1 January 2023, another amendment to the provisions of the Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) entered into force. As in the case of the previous amendments, a six-month transition period was introduced. This means that until 30 June 2023 either the ADR provisions in the 2021 version (ADR […]

IASA Association annual meeting in Istanbul

For the first time in 3 years, the meeting of IASA Association (International Association of National Associations of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers by Road) was held in a traditional, stationary way – this time in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting was organised by the Turkish association of advisers – TMGDK-DER and was attended by 19 representatives […]

Role and tasks of the adviser

At the invitation of the Transport Technical Supervision, the organiser of the scientific and technical conference “Carriage of dangerous goods”, which was held on 29+30.10.2022, in Warsaw I delivered a paper on the “Role and tasks of the adviser on the safety of the transport of dangerous goods by road”. Na zaproszenie Transportowego Dozoru Technicznego, […]

Dangerous Goods Transport Safety in the Polish Armed Forces

Dangerous Goods Transport Safety in the Polish Armed Forces – conference. The Movement and Transportation Division – National Movement Co-ordination Centre for the eighth time organised the Conference on the Dangerous Goods Transport Safety in the Polish Armed Forces. This time, the meeting took place in Gdynia on 20-22 September. I was asked to present […]

Shipper in the Act of 5 August 2022 on the transport of hazardous materials by air.

After 5 years of legislative work, on 1 October 2022 the Act of 5 August 2022 on the transport of hazardous materials by air entered into force. The Act defines, among others, the shipper as an individual that has signed a shipping document or other document accompanying a consignment. Consignments of hazardous materials by air […]

Changes to the annual ADR report (already for 2022)

On 24 June 2022, the REGULATION OF THE MINISTER OF INFRASTRUCTURE of 9 June 2022 amending the Regulation on the form of the annual report on the activities in the field of transport of dangerous goods and the manner of its completion (Journal of Laws of 2022, item 1227) entered into force. Zmiany w rocznym […]

Safe Transport Day 

28.06.2023 In Wroclaw, transport Manager magazine organised a nationwide conference “Safe Transport Day”, which I had the pleasure to attend. My speech was, of course, about the ADRs, i.e. the rules for the safe carriage of dangerous goods (the article attached). During the conference, the topic of safety was presented in more detail. Speakers discussed […]

Multilateral Agreement M347 – Carriage of Monkeypox Virus

The agreement of 27.06.2022 concerns the possibility of classifying and carrying infectious substances containing monkeypox virus (except for cultures) under UN 3373 or UN 3291. The Agreement expires on 01.01.2026. Umowa wielostronna M347 – przewóz wirusa małpiej ospy Umowa z dnia 27.06.2022 dotyczy możliwości klasyfikacji i przewozu substancji zakaźnych zawierających wirus małpiej ospy (z wyjątkiem […]