For the fourth time, the Movement and Transportation Division – National Movement Co-ordination Centre invited me to a conference on the Dangerous Goods Transport Safety in the Polish Armed Forces. The meeting took place in Pisz on 19-21 September 2023 and the main topic of the 9th Conference was the safety status and the implementation of the transport of dangerous goods in the Ministry of National Defence in 2022/2023.


The discussed issues concerned, among others:

– Managing the safety of the transport of high-risk dangerous goods in Poland;

– Certification of packaging for the transport of dangerous goods;

– Changes in the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods in 2023-2024;

– Changes in the training of personnel handling the transport of hazardous materials by air;

– Preparation and control of vehicles for the transport of Class 1 combat equipment;

– System of planning and implementing training courses and examinations for drivers transporting dangerous goods and dangerous goods safety advisers in the Polish Armed Forces.


The conference was attended by soldiers and military employees who are dangerous goods safety advisers and persons of the ADR drivers’ examination board.